K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy


10 WEEKS - $10,000

Want to know everything there is to know about training dogs? Go for the complete package and establish yourself as a Professional Dog Trainer! With this 10-week program, you’ll learn everything you need to know as a dog trainer.

Misbehaving puppy? Rehabilitating anxious and reactive dogs? Just need to teach dogs how to properly socialize?

When you can confidently help any dog with any problem, you won’t just be the first person people look to for solving their dog training problems.

You can be the last dog trainer they would ever need to reach out to!

This part of the course will focus on learning the foundations of dog training such as: operant conditioning, classical conditioning, shaping, luring, and a variety of methods and techniques. 


You will also learn about reinforcement schedules, reinforcement packages, timing, motivation, the 4 stages of learning, the 3 D’s of progression, blue ribbon emotions as well as the importance of home environment structure and boundaries for pet dogs.

This part of the course will focus on the basic mechanics of dog training such as: leash handling, food handling/food luring, leash & prong corrections without dog, e-collar corrections without dog, defensive handling, kennel skills, door manners, verbal markers, prong collar sizing and placement, e collar sizing and placement, and timing of rewards/corrections.

This part of the course will focus on the basic obedience mechanics of dog training after mastery of the Ground Skills. 


You’ll learn and be able to successfully apply ground skills to teach dogs the basic obedience commands: sit, down, come, place & heel (minimum obedience commands).


You’ll also be able to teach dogs with only food; only food and a leash/prong; and teach dogs with a combination of food, leash/prong, and e-collar. 


This portion of the course will also require students to learn how to successfully condition the e-collar and prong collar to dogs. Additionally, supplemental commands may be required to teach dogs (such as “crate”, “let’s go”, “go potty”, “off”, “quiet”, etc.)

This part of the course will focus on teaching dogs household pet manners. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot and apply what they have learned during the Ground Skills and Obedience skills portion of the course to remove problematic behaviors and successfully teach dogs how to have proper house manners. 


You’ll learn how to correct common dog problem behaviors such as: jumping, barking, digging, chewing, counter surfing, trash diving, etc.

This part of the course will focus on learning about dog body language, determining source causes of behavior cases, and how to troubleshoot and apply the training to solve all varying forms of: reactivity, fear, anxiety, aggression, resource guarding and other behavioral issues.

This part of the course will focus on students learning puppy development, socialization, potty training and puppy training.