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In the thriving world of dog enthusiasts, the demand for certified dog trainers is quickly growing. It offers diverse career options, from working with pet owners and in training centers to even starting your own business. Dog trainer schools offer well-rounded education and practical experience, empowering you to tackle diverse training situations within the field of canine behavior and training

Best Dog Trainer School in New York

Become a professional dog trainer and discover excellence in dog training at K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy. Our comprehensive courses seamlessly integrate theory with practical experience. Our school for dog trainers is dedicated to fostering a new generation of certified dog trainers equipped with the expertise to handle any dog and any problem.

Dog Trainer courses

Take the first step of your journey as a dog trainer by enrolling in ANY of our programs. At our Long Island dog training facility, you can become a CERTIFIED Dog Trainer.

Shadow Program

(4 Weeks)

New to dog training? Our Shadow Program makes it easier for aspiring dog trainers like you to get started!

Dog Trainer

(6 Weeks)

Set yourself apart as a dog trainer and go beyond the basics. Learn all the fundamentals every dog trainer should know such as basic obedience and reinforcing good manners!

Professional Dog Trainer

(10 Weeks)

Want to know everything there is to know about training dogs? Get the complete package and establish yourself as a Professional Dog Trainer!

Master Dog Trainer

(14 Weeks)

Want more for your dog training business? Be your own boss and build a brand that will last a lifetime! Learn everything you need to be a top dog trainer and a successful dog training business owner.

Become A Certified Dog Trainer

Meet Your Primary Instructors

Our academy guarantees quality education with the help of our dedicated experts, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure you become a certified dog trainer successfully.



Elliot is a master dog trainer and behaviorist with over 10 years of work in behavioral modification (especially in aggression, fear, and separation anxiety).

He also has extensive experience in training for various dog sports.

Elliot founded and leads one of the most highly rated dog training companies in New York today – K9 Mania Dog Training – as well as VA4DogTrainers, a virtual assistance company that caters specifically to dog trainers.



Ashlee has been a dog trainer for 5 years and counting. Her specialty lies in behavioral modification and gained experience in dealing with aggressive dogs back in her days as a kennel technician, a role she took up during her vet technician program.

Apart from being a balanced dog trainer and expert behaviorist, she is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator and is currently a head trainer at K9 Mania Dog Training in Long Island, New York.



With over 5 years of experience working with dogs and having been raised in a family of award-winning show dog trainers, Jake has a strong background in dog training. 

As a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator and a Head Trainer at K9 Mania Dog Training, Jake is well-versed in the best practices for instilling good dog manners.

With his extensive experience and knowledge of even the most challenging behavioral issues (including anxiety and fear).

Check Out What Our Graduates Have To Say

Be inspired by our graduates’ testimonials as they reveal the transformative journey that has shaped them into successful professional dog trainers.

Enrolling in K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy was a game changer for my career! Even though it was online, my mentors were amazing and made sure that everything I can apply everything I learned online in real life. If you’re passionate about dog training, I definitely recommend K9 Mania Academy!

Jason Anderson


My time with K9 Mania Academy went beyond what I thought it would be. The lessons and coaching sessions with my mentor were great and i really feel supported. I got my certificate and i now feel confident and prepared to be a dog trainer! 10/10 would recommend!

David Miller


Choosing k9 mania dog trainer academy is the biggest career move I’ve made yet and no regrets! I had doubts enrolling, but the online programs allowed me to work and study at the same time! Now Im living my dream as a certified dog trainer, I have tons of clients and its all thanks to the academy!!!

Emily Turner


Why Choose K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy?

K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy is your guaranteed path to success. From our comprehensive curriculum to our roster of expert instructors, our academy is dedicated to transforming your passion into a rewarding profession.

K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy offers an extensive curriculum covering every aspect of dog training. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to provide a thorough education, from the fundamentals of canine behavior and learning theory to advanced training techniques. Students will delve into topics such as obedience training, behavior modification, puppy training, and more! Our curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest research and methodologies in the field, ensuring that graduates are well-versed in contemporary dog training practices.

We believe that real-world experience is crucial for developing effective dog training skills. That’s why we emphasize hands-on learning. Our students gain practical experience by working directly with dogs of various breeds and temperaments under the supervision of experienced trainers. This immersive approach allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge, hone their techniques, and build confidence in their ability to handle a wide range of training scenarios.

The faculty at K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy comprises some of the most respected professionals in the industry. Our instructors bring years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. They are accomplished trainers who have worked with all kinds of dogs! Students will learn from their instructors’ real-life case studies, benefit from their insights, and receive personalized mentorship to guide them toward becoming skilled dog trainers themselves.

Our flexible programs at K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy cater to your learning preferences and career objectives. Choose from online courses for convenience and flexibility or onsite programs for hands-on, interactive training. Tailored to fit around your personal and professional life, our programs ensure that you can pursue your passion for dog training without compromise, propelling you towards your desired path in the dog training industry.