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Our Dog Trainer program is a comprehensive and academically rigorous course designed for aspiring dog trainers seeking to embark on a fulfilling career. As an industry that continues to grow, the demand for well-trained professionals is evident. Our program offers an academic gateway, ensuring you acquire all the fundamental knowledge and practical skills necessary for success in the dog training industry.

This program offers a range of topics, including Learning Theories and Foundations, Ground Skills, and more! Each module is designed to provide you with a profound understanding of canine behavior and a comprehensive skill set. With a focus on academic rigor and practical excellence, K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy offers this program as a sign of our commitment to equipping you with the expertise needed to excel as a Dog Trainer.


This part of the course will focus on learning the foundations of dog training such as: operant conditioning, classical conditioning, shaping, luring, and a variety of methods and techniques. 

You will also learn about reinforcement schedules, reinforcement packages, timing, motivation, the 4 stages of learning, the 3 D’s of progression, blue ribbon emotions as well as the importance of home environment structure and boundaries for pet dogs.

This part of the course will focus on the basic mechanics of dog training such as: leash handling, food handling/food luring, leash corrections without dog, defensive handling, kennel skills, door manners, verbal markers, timing of rewards/corrections, and more!

This part of the course will focus on the basic obedience mechanics of dog training after mastery of the Ground Skills. 

You’ll learn and be able to successfully apply ground skills to teach dogs the basic obedience commands: sit, down, come, place & heel (minimum obedience commands).

You’ll also be able to teach dogs with only food; only food and a leash; and teach dogs with a combination of food and leash.

Additionally, supplemental commands may be required to teach dogs (such as “crate”, “let’s go”, “go potty”, “off”, “quiet”, etc.)

This part of the course will focus on teaching dogs household pet manners. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot and apply what they have learned during the Ground Skills and Obedience skills portion of the course to remove problematic behaviors and successfully teach dogs how to have proper house manners. 

As part of the program, tailored for aspiring dog trainers, participants embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of canine behavioral psychology. Students will learn the art of strategically applying positive reinforcement methods, including the judicious use of treats, praise, and play. Through engaging lessons and practical demonstrations, we aim to cultivate skilled trainers and passionate communicators, building a positive connection with canine companions. By the end of this module, students will possess the skills to transform their enthusiasm for dogs into a profession marked by effective and enjoyable training techniques.

This part of the course will focus on students learning puppy development, socialization, potty training and puppy training.


To successfully graduate from the Dog Trainer program, students are required to achieve a minimum pass rate of 90% on quizzes and written assessments. Additionally, to further enhance your learning experience with the Academy, reading materials are required, but they are not included in the cost of the program. This rigorous standard is designed to ensure you acquire a robust understanding of the program’s curriculum, equipping you for a successful career as a dog trainer. Your official enrollment contract will provide comprehensive information regarding the Academy, offering a more in-depth overview of our program details and expectations.

You will not receive a physical certification upon completion. Instead, K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy offers you a website verification badge, which you can prominently display on your website as proof of your successful course completion. Furthermore, you will receive an official Letter of Verification from the Academy, serving as a valuable reference for your clients to confirm your training expertise gained through our program.


Hear what our graduates have to say about us and their success with K9 Mania. You’re about to be next.

Enrolling in K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy was a game changer for my career! Even though it was online, my mentors were amazing and made sure that everything I can apply everything I learned online in real life. If you’re passionate about dog training, I definitely recommend K9 Mania Academy!

Jason Anderson


My time with K9 Mania Academy went beyond what I thought it would be. The lessons and coaching sessions with my mentor were great and i really feel supported. I got my certificate and i now feel confident and prepared to be a dog trainer! 10/10 would recommend!

David Miller


Choosing k9 mania dog trainer academy is the biggest career move I’ve made yet and no regrets! I had doubts enrolling, but the online programs allowed me to work and study at the same time! Now Im living my dream as a certified dog trainer, I have tons of clients and its all thanks to the academy!!!

Emily Turner



When you get your dog training education at K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy, you too can establish a 5-star reputation


Here are the success stories from our students. Your education journey is about to get a whole lot brighter.



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“Even though the program was online, I could apply everything I learned in real life, and it was really satisfying and fulfilling at the same time. The courses were really full of valuable information, and what really blew me away was the amount of support I received from the Academy. Today, I wake up to a job that I love, to a life that I chose, and this is all thanks to K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy. “

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“Enrolling was easy, and the course was packed with so much information, but the Academy and the instructors made it super easy for me to study and learn. The best part was I could do it in my own space and at my own pace. Fast forward to today, and now I’m proud to say that I’m living the dream of becoming a dog trainer. It’s all thanks to K9 Mania Dog Trainer Academy”

Kali keyes


“They helped walk me through all the proper dog training techniques, how to use different equipment, and just about everything else. I don’t think I would have been able to learn it all by myself.

Just having people there, ready to help you out and show you how to do it all in person is something that’s so valuable. You just can’t find it anywhere else.”

frequently asked questions

We offer a wide variety of programs designed to suit your journey into the world of dog training. The Dog Trainer online program is your perfect kickstarter program that teaches you all the basics and fundamentals of dog training. If you’re looking to become a professional and certified dog trainer, our Professional Dog Trainer online certification program is just the right program for you. It equips you with the knowledge and experience to set you up for success in the industry. But if you want more for yourself and be more than a dog trainer, our Master Dog Trainer online certification program teaches you everything you need to be a certified dog trainer and how to start your own dog training business.

To learn more about our Professional Dog Trainer online certification program, click here
For our Master Dog Trainer online certification program, click here.

Prefer to maximize your learning experience and study onsite at our facility? Contact us now to get started!

Absolutely! Our programs are designed to meet you and your career goals – no matter your skill level. Whether you’re a beginner looking to be a professional dog trainer or an expert looking to elevate your skills, we have the right program for you! Explore what dog trainer programs we offer by clicking here.

Our classes are conducted online, giving you the convenience of learning anytime, anywhere! Our programs are self-paced, meaning you can study at your convenience, however, to help you stay on track with your program, live lectures are conducted  to further enhance your learning experience at the Academy. 

While our Dog Trainer online program does not offer certifications, you will receive a recognition package upon your completion, which includes a verification letter and badge. You can use this to feature on your website and show to your clients as evidence of your program completion. For our Professional and Master Dog Trainer online certification programs, successful completion will earn you a formal certification (physical and digital), a website verification badge, and a letter of recommendation you can show to clients. This certification will enhance your credibility and demonstrate your expertise to potential clients or employers.

We understand how important accessibility is to you. While our tuition fees can vary based on which program you’re enrolled in, we offer discounts and flexible payment plans that can stretch for up to six (6) months, making your journey with us not just enriching, but budget-friendly too!

Yes, we understand that circumstances can change. If you decide to withdraw from the program between December 18 and December 30, you are eligible for a full refund. From January 1 to February 3, we offer a partial refund of 50% of the total amount paid. However, starting from February 6 to March 2, refunds are not available. Once classes officially commence on March 4, no refunds will be provided. We encourage students to carefully consider their commitment and make decisions accordingly within the specified refund periods. 

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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