Enjoy big savings by opting for a one-time payment of $897, securing a 10% discount. This upfront investment is not only cost-efficient but also frees you from the concern of future monthly payments, allowing you to focus entirely on your training journey.

Spread your investment over three months with our easy installment plan. Three payments of $333 each ensure that you can manage your finances without strain, while we seamlessly handle the periodic billing, keeping your focus on the dogs, not the dollars.

Our most extended installment plan allows you to ease into the program without financial pressure. With six monthly payments of just $116, this plan is designed for those who prefer a gradual approach to investment, paired with the convenience of automatic billing so you can embrace a worry-free learning experience! 


Take advantage of a full 10% discount when you choose to pay the complete fee of $1797 upfront. This one-time payment option is designed for the forward-thinking individual who values both savings and simplicity, ensuring that your focus remains on your professional progress without the distraction of monthly fees.

For those seeking a balance between financial flexibility and professional development, our three-month plan divides the total cost into manageable $667 monthly installments. This plan features discrete, scheduled charges, offering you peace of mind and a clear path to achieving your professional training goals.

Select a six-month payment plan for the ultimate in financial convenience. With six approachable payments of $333, this option allows you to commit to your professional training without overextending your monthly budget. Our discreet billing process ensures that your financial commitment is handled smoothly and without stress.


Maximize your savings with a 10% discount by opting for a single payment of $2697. This upfront payment not only offers you the best value but also the convenience of having no future payments looming over your advanced studies.

If you prefer to distribute your investment over time, our three-month plan is the perfect solution. With three payments of $999, you can comfortably manage your expenses while maintaining a steady focus on mastering the art of dog training.

Our six-month payment plan is tailored for those who seek to spread their financial commitment over a longer period. Six monthly payments of $499 make the program accessible and manageable, ensuring that you can concentrate on reaching the pinnacle of dog training excellence with the ease of our periodic billing.