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see what our graduates have to say about us

Olivia Pfeiffer

Academy Graduate

“They actually show you the right way to handle any kind of dog; how to approach them, how to keep them calm, what to do if something isn’t working. They teach you how to meet the dog at the level they’re at, no matter what kind of dog it is. I used to find it difficult to work with more fearful dogs but since working with K9 Mania, I feel a lot more confident about handling difficult dog behavior.”

Kali Keyes

Academy Graduate

“They helped walk me through all the proper dog training techniques, how to use different equipment, and just about everything else. I don’t think I would have been able to learn it all by myself.

Just having people there, ready to help you out and show you how to do it all in person is something that’s so valuable. You just can’t find it anywhere else.”